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Sunday, November 01, 2009

What’s Next For Small Business Credit Cards?

business credit cardsDuring the past twelve months we have seen a paradigm shift in small business lending to say the least. Once a staple of the industry, small business credit cards are now a rare find. As previously reported on this blog, banks left and right have been terminating business cards; including Advanta, Chase, and Citi. Many cardholders have also complained about higher interest rates and lower credit limits.

What’s Next?
Although there is some dispute as to whether or not the recession is over, there’s no denying that economic conditions have significantly improved since last winter. According to the United States Commerce Department, the U.S. economy grew 3.5% during the third quarter. Positive GDP growth has also been reported by some other countries, with China
leading the way so far at 8.9%. If economic conditions continue to improve, we most likely will see business credit cards trickle back onto the market.

What Will Be Different?
It’s important to note that business cards are currently excluded from the Credit Card Reform Act of 2009. Therefore, it's possible we may experience the same "bait-n-switch" complaints on credit card deals in the future. That being said, due to increased scrutiny and regulation of the industry, these questionable practices will likely become far less common.

It is also likely that new cardholders won’t be granted high credit limits, at least initially. Before the economic turmoil erupted, many new customers were given extremely high limits; often in the tens of thousands of dollars. For now, it is unlikely we will see these same spending limits awarded to new accounts.

Furthermore, applicants with lower credit scores will probably not be approved. We may even see business credit card deals explicitly mention they are only seeking those with excellent credit profiles.


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