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Friday, September 15, 2006

The ReadyCARD Prepaid MasterCard Hits The Streets

The Ready Credit Corporation and the Palm Desert National Bank have joined forces to produce a highly convenient and efficient prepaid debit card solution. It's called the ReadySTATION; it's basically a self-serve kiosk that issues the ReadyCARD prepaid MasterCardĀ®. Each ReadySTATION kiosk issues a prepaid debit card that's activated and ready to use as soon as you buy the card. The ReadyCARD is co-branded with MasterCard, so you can use it to buy products and services wherever merchants accept MasterCard.

ReadySTATION kiosks have already been setup in Minnesota and Texas, with more coming to the rest of the country later this year.

Further details about ReadySTATION kiosks and the ReadyCARD can be found below in the following clip from a recent press release:

"Ready Credit Corporation and Palm Desert National Bank today announced the launch of a self-service kiosk (ReadySTATION) that issues a prepaid MasterCardĀ® card. This new technology allows consumers to purchase a ReadyCARD Prepaid MasterCard (ReadyCARD) that is activated and ready to use immediately. The ReadySTATION also allows consumers to reload Personalized ReadyCARDs and check their card balances for free. ReadySTATION and ReadyCARD provide consumers with an easier and more convenient way to acquire and use a prepaid MasterCard card. Merchants can now provide enhanced financial services to their clients through this easy to use, self-service technology.

'Together, the ReadySTATION and ReadyCARD deliver the most convenient and easy-to-use prepaid card solution to consumers and retail locations. In less than one minute a customer can acquire a ReadyCARD, allowing the accessibility of MasterCard to all consumers,' said Tim J. Walsh, President and CEO of Ready Credit Corporation. 'Our goal was to provide an instant, anonymous MasterCard from a self service kiosk and to allow consumers to easily reload their cards and check their card balances in locations where they live, shop and work.'

'Our many years of experience in the prepaid card market have made us aware of the need and demand for a powerful and easy to use self service technology solution. As the issuing bank for the ReadyCARD Prepaid MasterCard, we are pleased to be working with Ready Credit Corporation and MasterCard in bringing this innovative product solution to consumers,' said Jim Tingey, Senior Vice President, Palm Desert National Bank.

Ready Credit has started deploying ReadySTATIONs in Minneapolis, MN and El Paso, TX and anticipates a nationwide deployment beginning in the fourth quarter of 2006."

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