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Friday, February 16, 2007

Credit Card Popularity Rankings for January, 2007

For your viewing pleasure, the following table lists the credit card popularity rankings for the cards we recommend here at

Credit Card Rankings
Credit Card Rankings

Yup, the Discover Platinum card does it again: the combined varieties of the Discover Platinum card top the list for January.

Since the Discover Platinum card is so popular, we decided to add two more Discover credit cards to the website: the Discover Gas Card and the Discover Miles Card.

The Discover Gas Card offers excellent rewards for those who find themselves at the pump a lot (you get 5% cashback on gas and car maintenance purchases), while the Mile Card features some highly competitive travel rewards (12,000 bonus miles; fly any airline, any seat and no blackout dates.)

OK, now what I really like about the Discover Gas and Miles cards is that they offer the same excellent benefits as the Discover Platinum card, i.e. zero percent intro APR on new purchases and balance transfers for one year, no balance transfer fee and no annual fee.

My Balance Transfer Surfing Days Are Almost Over

By March of this year, I will have paid off all my personal credit card debt, so my career as a credit card balance transfer surfer is almost over. I plan on buying my own home (and getting a fantastic interest rate, if I have to take out a mortgage) in about two years, so I want to make sure that my credit rating is stellar before I take the plunge. That means I have to have very little or no credit card debt by the time I'm ready to buy. I'm shooting for a FICO® credit score in the 850 range by 2009: wish me luck!

I may transfer my business credit card debt to a new or existing business card that's offering a great 0% deal, but I doubt it. I'm getting tired of having credit card debt, and I want to be rid of both my personal and business credit card debt by the end of 2007.

Once my credit card debt is paid, I'm going to cut up my cards so that I won't have to worry about losing them, but I'll keep the actual accounts open so as to keep my credit score healthy (as credit card accounts age, they help to improve your credit score -- as long as you keep your accounts in good standing, of course.)

I'll miss the game -- no doubt -- but I'll still contribute to this website on a regular basis. There are lots of great 0% credit cards out there that other websites aren't talking about (like the Pulaski Bank Visa/Mastercard and the American Express IN:Rewards cards) so The Web still need someone like me to sniff out all the latest and greatest deals. So stay tuned, and happy surfing.

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