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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A New Business Credit Card from Advanta: The Life-of-Balance Platinum Business Card

Advanta business credit cards
Advanta business credit cards
Most consumer and business credit cards are indexed to the U.S. Prime Rate, which means that the Prime Rate is used a base or foundation rate for determining a credit card's annual percentage rate (APR). Finding a credit card with an APR that's close to the Prime Rate is not easy; finding a credit card with an APR that's lower than the U.S. Prime Rate is very rare.

So it's no surprise that we've been recommending the Advanta Platinum Business Card with Rewards Options for many months now: the APR is Prime minus 0.26%, and you can transfer credit card balances and pay no interest on the transferred balance for 15 months. It's a hot offer, but make sure your credit rating is up to snuff before applying, because with an APR below Prime, you can be sure that the folks at Advanta will be selective.

Advanta's New "Life-of-Balance" Platinum Business Card

We've added a new Advanta business card to the site. We like Advanta's new "Life-of-Balance" Platinum Business Card because the APR is quite competitive at Prime + 1.74%. But we really like the fact that you can transfer other credit card balances to this card at 2.99%, and the APR associated with the transferred balance will stay at 2.99% until you pay the transferred balance down to zero (you have to initiate the balance transfer within 3 months of opening the account.) The card also features a generous 6% cash back rewards program, or, if cash back isn't for you, you can choose to take advantage of travel rewards.

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