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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is the Discover More Card Still the Best Cash Back Rewards Card in the American Market

Summary: The Discover More card boasts discounts of up to 20% off through participating partners while earning unlimited rewards. Combined with their stellar customer service and built-in perks for being a Discover cardholder, it has never been easier to make your money work for you.

It seems that rewards cards are a dime a dozen these days, but all rewards cards are not created equal. The Discover More card blasts the competition with features like no annual fees, unlimited cash back reward earnings, and rewards that do not expire. Combined with the many different ways to earn and redeem rewards, the Discover More card is continually hailed as the best rewards card out there.

Discover More Card Basics

The fundamentals of the Discover More card look like this: there is absolutely no annual fee. Ever. Which means the money you earn stays in your pocket. In addition, you also get zero percent interest on all purchases for the first six months, and balance transfers for the first year. After the six month period and one year period, respectively, the rate jumps to as low as 11.9% for all purchases which is still below the average 14.9% of other cards. Discover cardholders also get to enjoy a 25-day grace period, five days more than any other card. You can also opt to have an additional card number for all of your online shopping; protecting your real card number in the event someone would get hold of it.

Reward Tiers

Rewards. Everyone loves them. And when you can earn unlimited rewards that do not expire, what could be better? With the Discover More card, you can do this and so much more. This card has a “tiered rebate system;” spend up to $1500 and get 0.25% back. Spending $1500-$3000 will get you 0.50% back, and once your annual expenditures are over $3000 you get a full 1% back on your purchases. There is also a program called “Get More Purchase” that gives you a 5% rebate on any purchase within the categories that rotate quarterly. You must sign up for each quarter’s program, but once you do simply use your card to start earning. This program does have a cap for the 5% reward, but anything over the cap will count toward the up to 1% reward you earn everyday by using your card.

Shop Discover

Built-in to the Discover More card is a shopping portal that can earn you up to a 20% rebate on your purchases with participating partners. Simply sign in and browse through their huge list of partners, such as Best Buy (5% rebate), Foot Locker (10% rebate), PetCo (15% rebate), and (20% rebate) to earn your rewards. The amount of rewards that you can earn is unlimited, and you can even take the rebates earned and double their value by redeeming them for a gift certificate to over 100 partner stores.

Reward Redemption

Racking up the rewards is nice, but the real fun comes when you redeem them. The Discover More card gives you many different options for getting your rewards. You can redeem them for Discover gift cards or merchandise, or even make a charity donation in $20 increments. Or you can choose cash back via direct deposit or a Discover More account credit in $50 increments. You can always combine the different ways to redeem as long as each redemption type is above the minimum amount (either $20 or $50). It is important to note that although your rewards will never expire, if your account is inactive for 18 months or closed for any reason; your accumulated rewards will forever be lost. The same is true if you are late making two consecutive months payments; your rewards will be lost and reset to zero.

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Anonymous blackMARKER1 said...

One of my friends uses the Discover Card for a very good reason: when he goes to Six Flags and spends using his Discover, he gains a 5% discount. Not much, but it adds up. Read more here:

Friday, August 06, 2010 4:16:00 PM  

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