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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Credit Card Rakings for August

Discover More Black CardHere are the August credit card rankings for the cards we recommend here on As always, these rank are based on both the volume of applications, and approvals. This list is important because it gives credit consumers a good read on which banks are approving applications, and which banks are offering the most attractive credit card offers. Bottom line: no one wants to signup for an unpopular credit card deal, and no one likes it when a credit application is denied. Popular cards are popular for a reason, as smart card shoppers always go for the best possible deal. Here's the list:

  1. The Discover® More Black Card (click here)

  2. Discover More Card with $75 CashBack Bonus (click here)

  3. The Discover More Card (click here)

  4. The Discover More Biodegradable Card (click here)

  5. The Chase Freedom® Visa with $100 Bonus Cash Back (click here)

  6. Blue from American Express® (click here)

  7. Chase Freedom Credit Card (click here)

  8. Blue Cash® from American Express (click here)

  9. Chase Sapphire® Card (click here)

  10. Chase Freedom Visa with $50 Bonus Cash Back (click here)
It's no surprise that the Discover More Black Card is still #1. It offers the best 0% intro APR deal (12 months), as well 0% intro APR on new purchases for 9 months. And, as always, Discover offers the most generous cashback bonus of all the cards we recommend.

We really like American Express cards, as the customer service is truly excellent and the terms are invariably consumer-friendly. However, Amex has been quite stingy with approving applications lately, and that's why only 2 Amex cards made our list this month.

The Chase Freedom® Visa with $100 Bonus Cash Back Card has been climbing the list, as savvy card shoppers have been keen to take advantage of the bonus cash.

Thanks much for stopping by and reading. Stay tuned for next month's list.

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