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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Discover 24 Month Promotional 0% Balance Transfer Card Is Ratcheted Back to 18 Months

0% Credit CardsDiscover's 24 Month Promotional Balance Transfer card, which offered 0% intro APR on transferred balances for a full 2 years, is no longer available. Not good news, but please don't shoot the messenger!

But today's credit-card news isn't all bad.

Discover has a new promotional, long duration, 0% balance transfer credit card, which offers 0% intro APR on transferred balances for 18 months. This card has no annual fee, but has a 4% balance transfer fee.

Yes, 2 years of freedom from paying interest on credit-card debt is awesome, but, hey, a year and a half of freedom from interest is pretty darn good too.

You can find Discover's new long duration 0% balance transfer card here.

NB: The 18 Month Promotional Balance Transfer card won't be available forever (hence "promotional") so if you plan of taking advantage of this particular offer, procrastination is not recommended.

And, yes, there's even more positive news.

Discover has a new 15 Month Intro APR card, which offers 0% intro APR on both new credit-card purchases and transferred balances, for a full 15 months. You can find this high-value card here.

So, as of May 3, 2011, the two cards described in this blog entry are currently the best 0% credit cards available in the American market. Enjoy!

For more, visit this page.

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