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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Discover Receives Prestigious Award for Customer Satisfaction

Plain Vanilla Discover More Card Now The #1 Credit Card at the website If you have a Discover credit card, then perhaps today's news really isn't news to you. For those of you thinking about signing up for a Discover credit card, and you really like the idea of a credit-card bank providing first-class customer service, then read on.

Discover just got top honors from the Service Quality Measurement Group (SQM) for providing the best call-center customer service in the credit-card industry. This is no easy feat, as American Express is very well known for their excellent customer service. I guess Discover just stepped up to the plate, and belted out a grand-slam home run.

Another interesting note: with so many American companies outsourcing their call-center business to Asia, it's refreshing that most of Discover's call centers are based right here in the US of A. Kudos! This is significant, considering that the unemployment rate is the US is still painfully close to 10% (the October 2010 figure was 9.6%), and probably won't ease in the near term.

Here's a clip from today's press release:

"...Discover finished with top honors in the first targeted customer service evaluation of credit card industry call centers by Service Quality Measurement Group (SQM), the leading benchmarking firm for more than 450 leading North American call centers.

Discover received SQM's award for Highest Customer Satisfaction for the Credit Card Industry, which was based on 400 random telephone surveys of Discover cardmembers within two business days of their calls to the company. SQM measured whether the call was resolved, the customer's overall satisfaction with the service representative and their overall experience.

'Our commitment to the finest customer service available is a fundamental reason we have the most loyal cardmembers in our industry,' said Carlos Minetti, president of consumer banking and operations for Discover. 'We're honored by SQM's recognition and remain committed to making the necessary investments to maintain our leadership position in customer service.'

Discover employs more than 10,500 people, with the majority based in its call centers in Arizona, Delaware, Ohio and Utah. An industry leader in customer service, Discover won the 'Best Performance Leveraging Customer Service Feedback' category in the 2010 Call Center Excellence Awards from the International Quality & Productivity Center, finished first in the 2010 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index® for the past 13 years and was recently honored by InformationWeek magazine for creating technology that assists customer service representations during cardmember calls..."

It comes as no surprise to us that Discover has such loyal customers. The feedback we receive from Discover cardholders is invariably very positive. Discover cards offer a lot more value (great cashback rewards, long interest-free periods, etc.) than comparable credit cards offered by other reputable credit-card banks in the American market. That's why we've been recommending them for years. We're quite confident that Discover will continue to provide the kind of customer service that credit consumers want and deserve.

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