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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Help Entrepreneurs In Developing Nations Thrive with The New Advanta Kiva Business Credit Card

The Advanta Kiva BusinessCardAdvanta has just introduced the new Kiva business credit card. What's so special about this new Kiva card? Well, if philanthropy is your thing, this card might be just the right fit for you. That's because, as a Kiva BusinessCard accountholder, anytime you make a grant to using the Kiva card, Advanta will match the grant -- dollar for dollar -- up to $200 per month. Your grant will help entrepreneurs in developing nations.

Microfinance is a beautiful thing. A small donation can make a huge difference to a struggling entrepreneur in a relatively poor country. The future of philanthropy is in microfinance, in my humble opinion. Handouts can help deserving recipients temporarily. A grant to an entrepreneur, on the other hand, will not only improve that business owner's life, but also his family and his community.

The annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases with the new Kiva card is a very competitive Prime + 2.74%, which adds up to 7.99% at the time of this posting (NB: the index never drops below 5.25% for this card, no matter where the Prime Rate is.)

You can transfer a credit card balance at 0% Intro APR and the interest-free period will last 15 months! That's pretty darn strong. If you don't payoff your transferred balance by the time 15 billing cycles are up, the "goto" APR will be 7.99%, which is also very competitive.

A couple things I should point out before you decide to take the plunge:

  • From the terms and conditions:

    "...Balance transfers must be from another business credit account..."

  • Again, from the terms and conditions:

    "...Finance charges on balance transfers and cash advances begin to accrue on the date we process the transaction..."

Visit for more info about how the Kiva program works. You can also visit the blog at for the latest Kiva-related news.

Advanta Kiva Business Credit Card: Cool

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